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Teacher’s Pet by Stephanie Webb Dillon

Teacher's Pet by Stephanie Webb Dillon

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Luis De Leon was a History Professor. He had been teaching for over fifteen years. Luis tried to keep his professional and personal life separate. Being a member of a sex club wasn’t something that his students needed to be aware of. Lately he had grown tired of the club scene. He wanted someone permanent in his life. When he saw Addison Kennedy stumble into his classroom, he was charmed and intrigued.

Addison was trying to finish her degree in journalism. History was a prerequisite and had always been one of her favorite subjects so she saved it for last. She had only been on a few dates in years. She had kinks she didn’t want to be shamed for and was also overweight so men could be really cruel. When the sexy history professor held the door for her, she could have sworn she saw heat in his eyes.

Could Luis teach Addison that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Would they be able to fulfill each others needs and desires while keeping their relationship a secret?

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