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William & Emiko by Amber Stone & Tamika Brown

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William McCormick has found his perfect match on Rightly Swept. He’s been head over heels ever since. But now that he’s been promoted to Captain of Station 74 a huge responsibility has fell squarely on his shoulders. Finding out who the arsonist is who’s targeting his men and the women they love is his top propriety. He’ll do whatever he needs to do to keep Emiko safe, even if it means pushing her away until all this is over. This raging fire may be Station 74’s last to fight.

Emiko Jones is in love. She’s found her one hundred percent match on Rightly Swept in William McCormick with his bright green eyes and shocking red hair. The past few months have been going fantastic. He doesn’t care that she has a strict Japanese mother, whose sole goal in life is to make sure her daughter becomes a nurse. With the arsonist targeting William and his men, Emiko fears for his life, but will their new relationship weather the fire storm coming?

Who says you can’t find love on a dating app?

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