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Drive to Victory by Tracie Delaney

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Reeling from her brother’s passing, the only thing motivating Madison Brady is making the man responsible pay. Billionaire Formula One supremo Tate Flynn has a lot to answer for. He glamorizes the danger of the sport while Madison is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

Determined to expose the true colors of the sport he adores, Madison takes a role as the track doctor. After all, getting revenge on her enemy from the inside has a much higher chance of success.

As Madison and Tate collide, she’s shocked to discover the man behind the public persona is hiding a tragedy of his own. Gradually, her hostility evolves into a dizzying attraction, forcing her to face her own misbeliefs.

But as the last of her barriers tumble, Tate makes a catastrophic decision, one which shatters Madison’s faith in the man she’s fallen for.

Can she find it in her heart to forgive him, or are the star-crossed lovers set to crash before the finish line?

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