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Drive to Survive by Tracie Delaney

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When a split-second tragedy derails Formula One driver Nico Palmer’s glittering racing career, his friends convince the devastated champion to open a school for underprivileged youths to learn racing skills and discipline. Though initially reluctant, Nico wonders if pouring his energies into these kids could pull him from the all-consuming darkness of his tragic past.

Struggling single mom Everly Lawson will move mountains to help her troubled six-year-old son. When she discovers Nico’s racing program, she’s dead-set on securing a spot, determined to give her little boy the structure he desperately needs. But the gruff, guarded Nico ruffles Everly’s feathers even as he offers Rhett a coveted place.

As Everly and Nico are forced together, his icy armor begins to thaw. To Everly’s surprise, friendship lights a spark that blazes into a passionate connection.

When secrets from her past resurface, it’s the brooding, protective former champ Everly turns to for help.

But can this damaged racer-turned-teacher forgive the bombshell truth she’s kept hidden all along and risk his battered heart once more?

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