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Drive to Forgive by Tracie Delaney

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Biographer, Reilley Bennett has always reveled in peeling back the layers of complex characters, and her latest target may prove her ultimate temptation.

The brooding intensity of Formula One’s hotshot—and gorgeous—engineer ignites Reilley’s interest, but the reserved and mysterious Devon Grey isn’t about to let the tenacious author poke around in his life. He’s too busy guarding his secrets behind an aloof, impenetrable wall.

But Reilley’s perseverance pays off when, out of the blue, Devon agrees to let her shadow him through an entire race season. She’s too busy celebrating her win to ask herself why he changed his mind.

As the season progresses, attraction ignites between the ambitious writer and her reluctant subject, and the layers she longed to discover crumble beneath her hands. What she finds, though, blows away her preconceptions, leaving her shaken to the core.

With Devon’s fiercely guarded secret exposed, can Reilley save their relationship and Devon’s reputation?

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