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Prince of Chaos by Angie Cottingham

Prince of Chaos by Angie Cottingham

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In the depths of the Chicago underworld, where the Russians and Irish reign supreme, the collision of hatred and vengeance sets the stage for an unholy partnership. Saoirse, the fearless leader of the Underground, and Nico, a man consumed by a burning vendetta, find themselves bound together in a forced marriage that drips with betrayal.

Nikko holds Saoirse’s family accountable for the tragic demise of his parents, and his sole purpose is seeking revenge. However, as they navigate the treacherous waters of their intertwined lives, their initial animosity transforms into an unexpected bond, a love that neither of them could have foreseen.

But in a world where trust is a dangerous illusion, they soon uncover a cruel game orchestrated by those closest to them. A game that seeks both their downfalls.

Together, they must unravel the intricate web of deceit and forge a path toward redemption, even if it means defying the very organizations that have always defined their existence.

In this tale of love, betrayal, and deceitful allegiances, Nikko and Saoirse discover that the darkest of alliances can give birth to the most profound of passions.

This is book 1 in the series and is Nikko and Soairse’s story.
This book may contain content that could be triggering to some readers.

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