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Belonging to the Mountain Man by Gemma Weir

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Huge, brooding and completely uninterested, Bay Barnett is the perfect guy; only he’s not
looking for his perfect woman.
He walked into my life when everything was falling apart and I needed someone to help me
put myself back together. Only it turns out, this brother isn’t interested in a fixer-upper.
Maybe in a different life I’d have pined for him, but I’ve got bigger problems to deal with
than fate giving us a legacy. One that Bay thinks is a curse.
Running was my only option, so I put Rockhead Point and my messed-up life in my rear-view
mirror. I found a savior, and it wasn’t Bay.
Only now he’s tracked me down, and he’s ready to claim what’s his. But I’m not the same
girl he met anymore. I patched my broken pieces together all on my own and even though I
might want Bay, I no longer need him.
Turns out my crazy, Jealous, possessive mountain man isn’t prepared to take no for an
answer, and he’ll do whatever it takes to belong to me… as much as I belong to him.

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