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Matrimonial Merriment by Nicky James

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Quaid Andrew Valor and Aslan Ronan Doyle cordially invite you to be an honorary guest as they join their lives in matrimony. The ceremony is set to take place at Strongwind Castle on December 23rd. Save the date!

Time is short. Quaid has less than three months to plan the wedding of his dreams. A wedding that happens to land two days before Christmas. Don’t be fooled. It is not a Christmas wedding—at least not if Quaid has anything to say about it.

The wedding binder is fat and the list of things that need to be done is long, so when the department decides to implement a mandatory team-building Secret Santa event that will take up every one of Quaid’s available Saturdays, he is livid. There is no time for nonsense on his tight schedule.

When Aslan sees what the stress is doing to his fiancé, he calls in the cavalry to help plan the wedding. What could possibly go wrong with Ruiz and Torin on their side?

Relationships grow deeper. Friends and family come together to celebrate. And Quaid and Aslan finally tie the knot.

**Matrimonial Merriment is the seventh book in the Valor and Doyle series. Unlike the other books, this one does not contain a mystery and is wholly focused on our two favorite detectives finally getting married. It was meant as a bonus book but somehow came in at over 100k words. Oops. More of them to love.**

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