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Holiday Husband by Megan Wade

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Can a marriage of convenience between an anxious people-pleaser and her enigmatic playboy boss turn into the real thing?

Pressured to settle down by her overly critical family, awkward executive assistant Maeve spontaneously lies that she eloped with her handsome, older boss Gabe. When her boastful cousin spreads the fake news, Gabe shocks Maeve by offering to play along with the charade. As they pretend to be newlyweds over the holidays, real feelings come to light from beneath the façade. But with Maeve’s relatives scheming to expose their secret, will what started as a harmless fib spark into the kind of love she needs?

Holiday Husband is an entertaining colleagues-to-lovers, fake relationship romantic comedy with a May/December age gap that will have you laughing out loud and rooting for the unlikely couple as they navigate fake nuptials, family drama, and steamy stolen moments.

As with all Megan Wade books, this Christmas romance comes with her Sugar Promise. High heat, low drama, guaranteed.

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