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Billionaire Lumberjack’s Bride by Gwyn McNamee

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A reclusive billionaire who needs a wife. A woman with no other options. Two lost souls forced together on the mountain…
I never wanted my family’s money or the trappings that came with it.
The mountain offered me refuge from it all.
A life filled with hard manual labor, fresh air, and freedom.
Until one unexpected visit from my father’s lawyer changes everything.
All we’ve built will fall into the hands of a monster…
Unless I find a wife.
One who can handle living in a single room cabin on a desolate mountain.
With a man who has no intention of ever touching her.
Let alone being an actual husband.
The mail-order bride service offers the perfect solution to my unusual problem.
This woman they’re sending needs money.
I need to be hitched in only a handful of weeks.
Nothing but a simple business arrangement.
Once we both get what we want, we can go our separate ways.
Except the longer we share my personal space…
The more what I want changes and the fake relationship starts to feel very real…

Grab this steamy stand-alone about a reclusive, damaged, billionaire, the woman he pays to marry him, and what they discover when they’re forced together in his cabin with deep wounds and attraction they can’t deny!

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