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Calculated Chaos by Mia Monroe

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A weekend of discovery unlocks feelings I didn’t expect. Should we take a chance on love or return to the safety of friendship?

I’m a steady and responsible guy. I’m predictable, reliable… exciting, right? I guess some people might call it a rut. And by some people, I mean my friends and family. On the eve of my fortieth birthday, they stage an intervention. Traitors.

Led by my carefree best friend, Axel, I’m pushed into having fun (shudder), but I try to enjoy the experience for him. It’s all innocent enough until my purely platonic feelings for Axel start to feel like something decidedly more romantic. Which is weird since I’ve known the guy for thirty years… Did I mention we’re both straight? At least I thought we were.

A discovery like this requires thoughtful planning. My reputation for being the reasonable one might help us navigate our new reality. Our lives have been flipped upside down and I’m afraid we’ll make a mistake that we can’t fix. Will a little calculated chaos change our lives for the better, or will we go off the rails and lose everything that matters?

Calculated Chaos is a brand new high heat, low angst, contemporary MM romance from Mia Monroe, featuring two childhood best friends, a weekend of debauchery, double bi-awakening, opposites attracting, friends and family who meddle just the right amount, and an unexpected love decades in the making.

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