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Fighting for Mallory by Dee Stewart

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Detective Luca Martinelli suffers from a family curse – destined to love only one woman for life. For him that woman is Mallory Hayes, his college sweetheart. But she betrayed the gift of his heart and married businessman Bentley Hayes. After Mallory leaves him a cryptic message, Luca learns the next morning that she has been arrested for savagely slaughtering her husband. Caught with the murder weapon in her hand, and with no other suspects being considered, Luca is determined to prove her innocence.

D.A. Mallory Hayes is blinded by the excitement of life with Bentley Hayes. It soon wears off when she discovers the true nature of the man she married. Bentley’s greed and ambition lead to his death and set off a chain of events she never could have predicted. In a twist of fate, Mallory avoids prison, but a group of masked men, all bearing fanged copperhead tattoos, threaten her life. She and Luca barely escape from their coordinated attack.

As they try to figure out who killed Bentley and wants Mallory dead, a bizarre tale emerges of a cult practicing ancient Egyptian mythology who has targeted Mallory as their next sacrifice during the harvest moon cycle.

When she falls into their hands, Luca only has six days to rescue her before her heart is weighed by the mysterious Court of Ma’at. Deep underground in the caves of Tennessee, Luca and Mallory take their stand in an age-old battle between good and evil.

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