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Archer by Debra Elise

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Convincing the brothers of my heart to commit their time and talents on my new adventure was easy compared to convincing the curvy local real estate agent I want her for more than her clients’ land.

Most people don’t realize who my family is. I’ve refused cashing in on my trust fund until I couldn’t. With both my grandad and mother gone, their questionably earned fortune recently rolled over to nine zeroes.

Now I have two goals—setting up my new non-profit to distribute as much of my wealth for the greatest good. But more important, I’ll show Kelee I’m more than the former football playing, aftershave spokesman and mislabeled womanizer everyone believes me to be.

I’m Archer King, and I’m not above using whatever it takes to win her trust and her love. Heck, I’m not above begging. I plan to hold on tight to her luscious curves while mending her broken heart until it’s mine.

Sometimes second chances are the only ones that matter.

Second Chance, Inc., is a steamy, he-falls-first later in life romance series featuring college fraternity brothers from different backgrounds set in the lake country of northern Idaho. With recently obtained billions through inheritance or happenstance, a former pro athlete, a burned-out .com CEO, and an injured war veteran work hard to find personal redemption and a second chance with the women who challenge and set them on fire: body and soul.

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