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Overdue by Avery Samson

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The first time I saw her, I knew she was the one.

Then she broke my nose.

She started a war, one that would last through our childhood.

After years of being gone, I’m home for good this time. If that isn’t bad enough, guess who I find bent over a filing cabinet, looking better than I remember?

Everything in me tells me to run. But I’m a glutton for punishment.

How can I convince her I’m worth a second look if she sneers whenever she sees me? But I’m not the same boy she thought she knew.

He was my nemesis, but also my childhood crush.

He threw shade, I ignored him.

He irritated me, I retaliated.

It was a childhood war for the ages. But that’s all about to change. Now we’re all grown up and back in the small town where it all began.

He’s always been the most beautiful boy I’ve ever known. He’s just as stunning as a man.

His attitude though? I can still do without it.

We might be able to build something, if he’d just keep his mouth closed.

Can I learn to get along with the boy from down the street?

Only if he learns to play nice.

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