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Lennox by Amy Davies

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Growing up in the Rugged Skulls MC, my life was a rollercoaster.
For year’s I’ve kept Astrid at arm’s length, but she never hid her feelings for me, tempting me at every turn. She was destined for someone better than me, so I learned to push my desire down, hiding how much I wanted her.
I knew what I needed to do. I drove her away out of the country and as far away from me as she could run.
Years have gone by with me living my life as she has. But now she’s back and all the control I thought I had around her was destroyed in a single glance.
Dirty blonde hair, a body that could tempt a saint with the bluest eyes I’ve seen.
She’s older, stronger and more stubborn than ever, only instead of pulling me closer, she’s determined to push me away. But I won’t give her up, no matter what happens.
She’s mine, she always was and I’m ready to prove that I’ll never be stupid enough to let her go again.

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