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Knight’s Seduction by Shelley Justice

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She has a lifetime of disappointment to overcome.

Gennessey Croft has never lived the life her parents wanted for her, but even they don’t know how close she comes to danger daily. After a stint in the Army and a career with the CIA, she finds a home at Knight Security and Investigations as an investigator. With no plans to return to the disappointment waiting for her in her hometown, she’s between a rock and a hard place when her cousin asks her to be his best man at his wedding. When her cousin suggests she bring a buffer to make sure her parents are on their best behavior for the wedding festivities, she turns to the one person she never wanted to let into her personal life.

She’s the one woman he can’t have but the one he wants the most.

Brennan “BB” Beckett is a likable charmer who knows how to treat a woman. His work as a member of KSI’s Alpha Team makes settling down difficult, but he’s learned to take life as it comes. When he meets Gennessey Croft, he knows the two of them would be amazing together, but she’s the one woman who doesn’t fall for his charm. He’s at a loss as to how to break down her barriers, especially when she acts like she hates him most of the time. When she asks him to pose as her fake boyfriend for her cousin’s wedding, the tables have turned, and BB is determined to make the most of this shot.

Danger hits close to home and blows all the barriers down.

Gennessey is surprised to find BB a source of comfort when she’s faced with her family’s disappointment with her life decisions. But when her cousin is shot at his wedding and the bride goes missing, she’s not surprised to find BB at her side as they track down the shooter and the source of the danger to her fa

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