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Garrett’s Obsession by Loni Nichole

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When it comes to love, this football coach is done playing by the rules.

Garrett Marsh
As the high school football coach, I’m supposed to play by the rules. Except the rules are standing in the way of the one thing I want…Ciara Sharp. She dropped everything to provide for her brother when their parents died. Now, she’s untouchable, or so says the school board. But I’m done listening to reason. I’m claiming my obsession, and God help anyone who stands in the way.

Ciara Sharp
A twenty-two-year-old raising a teenager? It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But my brother is the only family I have left, and I refuse to lose him. Until his one mistake threatens our fragile existence. Now, I’m out of a job, and the man of my dreams insists on helping. Coach Garrett Marsh is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. But can our love really survive when we’re facing my dangerous ex-boss, the school board, and my little brother?

Welcome to Silver Spoon Falls, TX. The men here are known for having it all. Except there’s a shortage of eligible ladies in town to share it with. These determined men won’t let that slow them down. Like the MC brotherhood who calls this small-town home, their best friends, brothers, and neighbors will turn the town on its ear looking for their curvy soulmates in this spin-off series of sweet and steamy instalove romances from Loni Ree, Nichole Rose, and jointly as Loni Nichole.

You’ve already fallen for the Silver Spoon MC. Now get ready to fall for the single men of Silver Spoon Falls!

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