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Good Behavior by Kelly Fox

Good Behavior by Kelly Fox

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From USA Today Best-Selling Author Kelly Fox comes a spicy forbidden romance between an ex-con and his prison therapist.
There’s not much I miss about prison, save for the buttoned-up therapist who doled out subtle commands and generous praise in equal measure. We never spoke of the crackling tension between us, but every time he straightened my posture or called me a good boy, we knew what was going on.

Now, over a year after my early release for good behavior, we find ourselves in the same small Texas town, connected to the same ranch, appropriately named Wild Heart.

As our sexy, unspoken dynamic fires up again, we become involved with the ranch’s secret mission—to rescue and support people who’ve been trafficked. Between harrowing missions and our escalating passions, there’s no way for us to stop what’s coming next.

And we don’t want to.

Good Behavior is a slightly murderous forbidden romance that features a a heavily tattooed ex-con, a therapist who knows better, and a whole lot of bad behavior.

Wild Heart Ranch is a spin-off of the Rebel Sky Ranch series. All of my series have crossover elements but can be enjoyed on their own. Fair warning—you may find yourself wanting the backstory.

No cliffhangers (save for the sneak peek at the end), and the HEA is always guaranteed. #murderswoon

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