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Dante’s Daddy by Maren Smith

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Dante Bennett has a secret. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it stays hidden.

Even if it means vowing to spend the rest of his life with someone he knows he’ll never be able to love.

With his sham wedding looming on the horizon, the weight of his secret grows heavier everyday. Desperate to find somewhere he can be his true self, even if only for a few days, he takes off for Ohio.

For The Castle.

Where he meets strict, imposing Master Campbell. Clad in nothing but a kilt, the gorgeous Dom is something right out of Dante’s most secret, most shameful fantasies. And even though Master Campbell says he’s not looking for another Little boy, there’s no denying the explosive chemistry between them when he finally lets down his defenses.

Everything Dante has ever wanted is finally within arms’ reach—if he’s brave enough to grab a hold of it and never let go.

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