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Drive by Tamara Lush

Drive by Tamara Lush, Tamara Lush romance author, Jered Youngblood model, Sky Simpson model, CJC Photography book cover photographer

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Determined to win.
Destined to fall.

Savannah “Savvy” Jenkins is no stranger to the crude comments and leering looks she gets in the pit. Out to prove that she can succeed in a man’s world, she thinks she knows what to expect when she joins Formula World champion Dante Annunziata’s crew.

Dante is determined to finish his season on top. And Savvy is nothing but a distraction that threatens to get in the way. Convinced Savvy has no business on the team, Dante’s prepared to do anything to get her off.

But when a paparazzo catches the two in a compromising position, Dante and Savvy are in for a fauxmance for the ages. As their fake attraction turns real, they realize that there may be more to life than simply speeding through it.

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