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I Love You More Than I’m Afraid by Rebel Hart

I Love You More than I'm Afraid by Rebel Hart, Rebel Hart romance author, CJC Photography book cover photographer

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Meet Tristan and Aria again in Arden’s story.

Sometimes true love just isn’t enough, Hannah taught me that… the hard way.

As kids we became best friends, and fell in love before either of us knew the meaning of it. Very little mattered because we had each other; and she even saved my life. After sharing the perfect kiss, I dreamed of so much more. Instead, she tore my heart to pieces, taking the easy way out.

“Two girls shouldn’t be together…” We heard it all before. Our families never accepted who we were, but I chose to embrace my truth… Hannah decided to leave it all behind.
I guess it was easier to stand up for others than for us.

Now, she is the “It girl”—pinned up, popular, perfect. I’m an aspiring inventor at the bottom of the high school food chain—nonexistent in her new and sparkly world.

But just when I thought our story was over, our best friends start dating, forcing us to face each other, and our past again.

Will Hanna realize everything we truly lost when she walked away? Or should I just accept she is the one who got away?

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