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Topping The Jock by Jaclyn Osborn

Topping The Jock by Jaclyn Osborn, Jaclyn Osborn gay romance author, CJC Photography book cover photographer

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For years, he’s been on top. Now, it’s my turn.

Here’s the thing.
I’ve hated Montgomery Adams since freshmen year of high school when he stole my clothes from my gym locker, leaving me in nothing but a towel. Oh, and it didn’t stop there. He teased me, threw wads of paper at my head, and booed me when I raised my hand to answer questions in class.

I thought I finally escaped him after graduation. He went off to play college ball, and I became a teacher. But ten years later, Monty comes back to town. Even worse? He’s the new football coach at the same school as me.

He’s just as irritating as I remember, an annoying meathead jock with too much muscle and a smirk I want to smack off his too-perfect face. I don’t care that he’s hotter than ever or that he says he’s changed. I’m not falling for it.

If he thinks he can waltz in and take over the school like he did when we were teenagers, he has another thing coming.

Warning: this book is nothing but fluff, steam, banter, and features two men who pretend to be enemies yet sneak kisses whenever possible. Don’t read if you hate lighthearted romance and nerd/jock tropes. No angst. Just two adorable dorks falling in love.

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