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Bane by Tasha Black

Bane by Tasha Black, Tasha Black USA Today Best Selling Author, CJC Photography book cover photographer

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What happens when a curvy café owner falls for a single daddy wolf shifter… literally?

Kelly McDermott has always wanted to own a book & bake shop. Her dream has come true, except that the business across the street is decimating her customer base. If it weren’t for the generous monthly rent payment from her handsome new tenant and his adorable little boy, she might be in real trouble. But Kelly is determined to turn things around.

Bane has just reinvented his whole life in the charming town of Tarker’s Hollow. Between trips to and from pre-school with his sweet toddler, Ollie,  and his freelance writing career, Bane should have his hands full. But it’s all too easy to get distracted with his delicious landlady around.

When an unlucky tumble takes Kelly off her feet, Bane and little Ollie step in to help with the cafe. But while Kelly is on the mend, she starts to have her suspicions about some shady activity across the street. Can she resist the call of Bane’s animal magnetism long enough to solve the mystery, or is it just her imagination getting the best of her?

If you like strong women, sexy shifter men and unbelievably adorable babies, you will love the Single Daddy Shifters series, set in the steamy shifter world of Tarker’s Hollow!

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