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CJC Photography Exclusive Book Cover Licensing Rates

Tired of seeing the same image on multiple book covers? Looking for that perfect model to fit your character?

CJC Photography’s images are sold for EXCLUSIVE book cover use.

What that means – You will be the only author to have that image featured on your book cover!

(last updated on November 17, 2019)

(All book cover related inquiries – specific photo/model/pricing can be sent to: chris.correia9985@gmail.com)

Option A

Exclusive licensing of a pre-existing stock image: Starting at $450 ($300 photographer fee, $150-$300 model fee)

Model Price list is available here. 


  • Model fee is determined by model or agency. The $150 base model fee is a minimum. Model fees can range from $150-$300 per model per photo.
  • Photographer fee and model fee will be paid separately (Pay Pal and or Venmo information will be provided in contract when image has been selected by the author). Each party must be paid in full before the author receives the final high resolution image.
  • If there are multiple models in the image, the fee is $150-300 per model. The photographer rate of $300 remains the same regardless of the number of models present in the photo.
  • Discounts are available for selecting/purchasing multiple images licensed at the same time.
  • Payment Plans are available. A $100 deposit reserves an image/removes it from CJC-photography.com. A minimum of $100 must be paid per month in order to fulfill the contract agreement. When the image is finished being paid for in full it will be emailed in high resolution to the author.
    There is a maximum of 6 months total to pay for an image in full.
    The author can determine how they would like to structure that payment plan, keeping in mind at a minimum $100/month.
  • Teaser Imagery: When purchasing a cover image, a teaser or teasers can be purchased from the same set that the cover was selected from for an additional $50 per teaser. This isn’t always possible depending on if the set the cover was purchased from has multiple options.

Option B

Custom book cover photo shoot with teaser images included starting at $550: ($400 photographer fee, model fee is determined per model/agency $150-$300 per model). (For Author’s viewing only)!

Model Price list is available here. 


  • Price includes session fee, 1 cover image and 6 images for promotional use. Promotional use includes: teasers for book promotion and swag (items given at author signings – book marks, key chains, post cards etc.) It does not include items for commercial use such as posters or calendars that will be sold.  If the author is looking for a front/back cover combination, 2 of the set of 7 can be utilized while the remaining 5 will be for teaser use.
  • Looking to create a duet or trilogy from the above package? 2 covers/5 teasers (an additional $200 for duet), 3 covers/ 4 teasers (an additional $300 total on top of the initial $400 =$700 total). This will require an additional fee per model as well.
    Solely purchasing a trilogy without teasers will be $600 total. This will require an additional fee per model as well.
  • Purchasing teaser/promotional images beyond the package is available for $50 each.
  • The final edited high resolution images are licensed to the AUTHOR that commissioned the custom photo shoot only. A proof album is put together with the images from the photo shoot which the author is provided to browse and select their final choices for cover/teasers.
  • Client is responsible for determining photo shoot location, poses of the model and wardrobe. CJC Photography will work to capture the theme of the novel and will send images throughout the photo shoot to the author for approval. Prior to shooting, the author will be able to see the model(s) in the desired outfit and give a final approval on their look.  If the author isn’t present for the photo shoot, he/she will be kept informed of the shoot’s progression and receive screen shots throughout the shoot to make sure the specified theme/concepts are being met.
  • Travel arrangements must be accommodated (flight/hotel).
  • A 20% deposit is required upon booking a custom photo shoot. Remaining balance is required prior to delivery of receiving edited imagery.
  • Client is responsible for models hair/makeup/styling.
  • NOTE: After the custom photo shoot is completed, different poses/outfits/locations taken after completion of the custom shoot are available for further licensing by CJC Photography. These will not mimic or duplicate what was captured during the custom shoot.

Additional Notes:

  • Authors do not need to re-license a photo after being purchased. Once an image is purchased it is theirs for exclusive book cover use indefinitely.
  • All book covers will be promoted via CJC Photography’s social media. (cover announcement/cover reveal/live release). Also, if interested author spotlight features are available via the CJC Photography blog.

* All sales are final. Refunds and/or exchanges are not available.
CJC Photography is not responsible for a model’s comments and/or opinions on social media or physical actions.
CJC Photography is not responsible for cover designs that may resemble another cover design by another author.

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