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Don’t Let Me Down by Sheila Fowler

Don’t Let Me Down by Sheila Fowler

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Sean McTavish is at a crossroads in his life. He hates college, but loves his band. His parents can’t stand that he wants to be a singer for the rest of his life. But he loves writing and singing songs that make the girls go crazy for him. Plus, it’s a great way to get over the one girl who got away- Kylie Ingraham.

Kylie is finishing her medical degree at the University of Glasgow. She has her choice of hospitals in Scotland and the US to choose from. Something is keeping her in Scotland. It’s not just her older brother, Owen. Or even that this was where she was born. She wants to see if Sean McTavish still wants her. She gave him up so she could finish school.

One night, while walking home from school, Kylie hears a lovely voice from a local pub. She can’t believe when she hears Sean singing. And the title of the song is My Kylie. Is he still pining for her after all these years?

Book 3 in the Scottish Love Stories series

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