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Affectionately Yours by Emily Foxx

Affectionately Yours by Emily Foxx , Eric Taylor Guilmette Model

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From Australian Romance Author Emily Foxx comes her new standalone, a friends-to-lovers romance with a compassionate heroine and a damaged but lovable hero.

Doctor Bradley Stephens

Evelyn was a childhood friend who wrote letters to me, to remind me I was brave when I moved away from Bluebeach Bay.

Never did I think she would make another impression on me when I moved back to my childhood home to start a doctor’s practice.

She reached a part of me I had closed off to women.

My heart.

Dark memories from my past made sure of that.

Evelyn Cassano

When Bradley met me for coffee, we reconnected. It was like old times.

When I finally let him know how I feel. I realize he feels the same way.

However, soon I learned his past is in his present the more time I spend with him.

It causes trouble because he won’t open up to me when I am the only person in the end who truly understands him.

An emotionally driven and passionate story, with a twist of drama and suspense.

Mature Audiences only.
Some dark themes.

Content Warning:

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