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Their Lethal Pet by Lexi C. Foss

Their Lethal Pet by Lexi C. Foss

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Blood. Blades. Bodies.

Just another job. Until three men dressed in black stole me into the night.

I thought they were faceless enforcers from a past assignment, perhaps sent by their master to exact a little revenge.

But then they took off their masks and revealed the true monsters beneath.

Death Fae.

Now I’m locked in their golden cage, told that I need to behave to be set free. The problem is, their version of behaving means having me on my knees.

I don’t care how gorgeous they are or how well-endowed they seem to be—I kneel for no one. And I have no interest in becoming their lethal little pet.

“Try to tame me,” I dare.

“We have no interest in taming you, sweet pet,” they say. “We want to make you ours.”

“Ours to worship.”
“Ours to love.”
Ours to keep.”

Author’s Note: Their Lethal Pet is a standalone dark paranormal romance featuring three Nightmare Fae and their chosen female mate.

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