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Knot Your Puck Bunny by Evie Burks

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Can finding your scented mate mend a shattered heart or will they remain as cold as the ice they both work with?

Presley has been hurt by alphas in her past and has no intention of letting another into her life. She’s built a good life and reputation all on her own, she doesn’t need anyone to complete her. Of course, fate often has different plans.

Gavin wants the scented mate match his parents had, one filled with love and support, but his life so far has been filled with an endless string of puckbunnies who barely satisfy the baser urges. When fate knocks on his door, he’s more than willing to answer the call, but his fated is keeping him at arm’s length.

When Presley’s past comes back to terrorize her and ruin everything she’s built, will she be able to open up and trust the one alpha who could save her life?

Will Gavin be able to secure the bond with his scented or will he lose her forever?

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