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Cole by C.E. Johnson

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She’s my best friend’s little sister.
Well, kind of. Steph has always just been part of our friend group.
But I’ve spent the last fifteen years trying to convince myself my heart is a liar.
I don’t love her. Yes, I do. Not like that. Exactly like that.
And getting a front-row seat to her life is a form of torture I’ve gotten used to.
I watched her date, have a son, and grow into the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
I’m her first call and will always show up.
Because I’m one of the few men she trusts.
She tells me everything.
Until now.
When danger slowly descends on our small town, I find out Steph is keeping a secret.
And the more she tries to avoid me, the more I’m convinced Steph is in trouble.
I’ll do anything to protect her and her son.
Even if that means telling her everything.

When the secrets slip from our lips, will we fall into each other, or will they destroy us?

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