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Romance & Vampires by Ginger Lee

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“Let’s go home. The sweetest words I’d ever heard. And she thought I was beautiful. Not a threat. Not a monster. Willa still loved me, and it was the best feeling in the world.”

Best friends Willa and Trace have embraced their lives as eclectic witches and the unique powers they hold in their hands, but trouble is never far away.
When it follows them from their home in New Orleans to London, where Willa comes face to face with both a mysterious vampire from her dreams and her own long-lost flesh and blood, a revelation of new magic awakens within her.
Adversity tests the ties that bind family and fated mates when the London vampire clutch joins forces with an elite witch coven. Will the bonds hold strong against a depraved evil menace in this tale of spell casting and love everlasting?

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