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Bible by Jaime Russell

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Christian “Bible” Stewart is the nerd slash tech guru of The Brothers of Olympus MC. He prefers to be behind his computer, hanging with his brothers of the motorcycle club and spending time with his kid sister. A bartender in a local bar catches Bible’s attention and he wants to spend time with her but she seems to hate all things motorcycle club and especially bikers. When the club gets mixed up with a bar owner who is hurting and killing the young people of their town, especially when it hits close to home. Losing his cool with everyone around him as life barely hangs on, Bible seeks comfort in the beautiful bartender, who quiets everything around him until he exposes her lie.

Aurora “Roe” McIntyre joined the police department to make a better world for her younger sister. When tragedy struck and she became the guardian of her sister, she needed to make some career decisions. So when an undercover assignment comes with a bunch of promises from her boss, she can’t refuse it. With a chip on her shoulder about the local gang bangers a.k.a Brothers of Olympus, she has a renowned sense of justice to bring them down. As the assignment goes on, she’s torn between two men, one of those men being a biker from the local MC she swore to bring down. After the assignment goes sideways, she loses everything.

Roe seeks the help of the man who hates her and he’s reluctant to help her, but when she breaks down, he can’t say no to her. He promises his help, but once it’s over can they walk away from each other forever or will their connection be enough to repair the damage that Aurora’s lies caused?

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