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Raiden by Taylor Rylan

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Can a sweet omega wolf tame the beast of a gargoyle? Will he accept all that his mate has to offer and need?

Raiden Mason is the serious twin. He’s gone through life watching and observing, and when his ability is needed by the council, he is only too happy to do his duty. But when he scents something amazing, he and his beast are suddenly focused on making the sweet omega wolf theirs, despite the warnings from his mate’s cousin. But will Alexander feel the same?

Alexander Fabré was orphaned at fifteen, and although his cousin and the new pack alpha took responsibility for him, he often feels stifled by his overbearing cousin. He’s grateful, but he longs for something that he lost at such a young age—a family that understands and accepts him without question. He moved to Timber Valley in hopes of finding both, and when he scents his mate, his hope is finally restored. But does he ask too much of the sexy gargoyle that fate has deemed his?

Meshing their lives together is easy enough, despite the discovery of a truly dirty pack that keeps pulling Raiden away on assignment and Alexander suffering from a difficult pregnancy. Can they survive everything life is throwing at them? Will Alexander finally have the family that he has desired for so long? Will Raiden?

Raiden is Book Seven in the Paranormal Council Enforcers series. Each book in this series will focus on a different couple, but these books are not standalones and should be read in order as there is an ongoing backstory that won’t be resolved quickly. This is a fated mate story in an MPreg world, and there will be babies in this story. You should expect all the normal shenanigans, heats, biting, and remember that sometimes even fated mates need a little help.

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