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Protecting Orla by Josie Kerr

Protecting Orla by Josie Kerr

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A battle-hardened Marine.

Emmett Carruthers wants to put his past behind him and his new job with Richard Security Associates is just what he needed to make a fresh start. But his assignment on set at a local movie studio is proving to be a bit more complicated. Especially when it comes to Orla Kennedy.

Miss Congeniality.

Orla Kennedy auditioned for a reality TV show on a whim and got more than she bargained for–the lead role in the most anticipated romantic drama of the year. Unfortunately, the drama isn’t only on the set.

Already wary that she may not be cut out for life in the spotlight, things turn more complicated when tensions mount with former and current costars and an ex-fiancĂ© who suddenly reappears in her life. When people around her start dying, Emmett quickly realizes just how far he’s willing to go to protect Orla.

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