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The Musician and the Muse by Hannah Heyward

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He was the one that got away


I had a pretty good life. Successful singing career, a few platinum albums, an award or two. Not bad for a high school dropout who left home with his younger brother at twenty-two after our dad killed himself and never looked back. As much as I tried to leave that part of my past dead and buried, though, some things just never went away. Like the pain of losing Noah.


I wasn’t supposed to meet the love of my life at sixteen, a fact that was made painfully clear when we were ripped apart. Life has a twisted way of bringing things back, though, like the first time I heard Jesse’s soulful voice on the radio. It was easy to shut it off and pretend that part of my life was over, since it was. But when my brother was killed, and Jesse walked back into my life again after fourteen years, all I wanted to do was run to him.

Should either of us dare to hope for a second chance when it was a tragedy that brought us together?

The Musician and the Muse is the first book in the Leighton series. It is a 107k word MM romance featuring some hurt/comfort, movie nights, a totally clichéd long walk on the beach, a little reminiscing, and a lot of serenading.

Content warnings are located on the copyright page. Please use the “look inside” feature to view before purchasing.

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