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A Traitor Shows His Hand by Mia Monroe

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My power is seeing the darkness inside people, but can I learn how to use it to reveal our worst enemy?

This war is seriously getting on my nerves. It seems like every day there’s a new obstacle to overcome, but hopefully, it’s bringing us closer to the end of it all. But then what?

Living with the sexy vampire Geoffrey has me feeling all kinds of new things. On the surface, he’s kind and attentive, but underneath is a darker energy that intrigues me. I’ve always been drawn to what can’t be seen. I guess you could call it a gift, at least that’s what my aunt told me and my twin Jack.

When that gift shows up in a new way, a traitor is revealed, and Geoffrey and I become closer than ever. Now I’m learning how to be independent from my twin, how to love someone, and how to harness the power that’s been unleashed within me before our time runs out and the enemy wins. Piece of cake.

A Traitor Shows His Hand is an MM paranormal romance featuring a twin finding his individuality, a vampire with a dangerous backstory, a traitor giving the bad guy the upper hand, and a war that just won’t go away. It is book five of six in the Covens of Eaton Falls series starring Maverick and Geoffrey. Each book features a different couple with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order.

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