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Karma’s Law by Niko K.

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This is book two in a duet and therefor cannot be understood without first reading book one, Karma’s Rule.

Contains themes that some may find triggering or offensive.

Hope you’re ready, the juice gets turned all the way up in this spicy and adrenalizing conclusion!


I walk the straight line of the law with a purpose to seek out the truth.

I’m always in control and nothing is allowed to control me.

Not even the trauma from my job or my past.

I was tripped up once by a beautifully tragic girl, just before she left this world…

Or so I thought.

She came back from the dead like a revitalized phoenix and disrupting my perfect trajectory.

No matter how I try, I can’t get either version of her out of my head.

Things aren’t always black and white; and my straight line has become about a hundred shades of grey.

She’s showing me a different way, that not everything is always as it seems.

But am I strong enough to walk that path with her?

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