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Micah by Kat Baxter

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Being left at the altar wouldn’t have been nearly as humiliating if it hadn’t happened in front of the whole damn world. But when you have an international reputation as the “Bad Boy of Country Music” someone is always watching. Is it any wonder, my beloved grandmother tells me its time I return home to my small Texas town roots. The last thing I need is the same meddling grandmother setting me up with her ridiculously smart tenant. Did I mention she’s deliciously curvy and has big blue eyes that remind me of the Texas sky? Yep, I’m in trouble.


I’m a nerd with a capital “N.” Between getting my Ph.D in Geology and my strange obsession with art fraud documentaries, I’m one pocket-protector short of being Queen of the Nerds. I’m already in over my head trying to make the family bookstore a success. The very last thing I need is to be stuck in an old Victorian house with Mr. Tall, Dark and Way-Too-Hot-For-Me. Still, there’s something in his sultry brown eyes that hint at more depth and intelligence than he pretends to have. But can I really claim a bruised heart that already belongs to his music?

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