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Mesmerized By You by Tracie Delaney

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He promised to love me forever. He lied.

I met my soul mate when I was eight, and he was six.
On my twelfth birthday, he proposed.
At a party to celebrate my sweet sixteen, he gave me a ring made of daisies.
When I left for college, aged eighteen, he cried.
And at twenty-four, he broke my heart, shattering it into a million pieces.

But that wasn’t the end of our story.

A decade later, we’re forced back together, and once again, he holds my future in his hands. Except this time, I’m older and wiser.

He pretends he’s innocent, but I know the truth.
This time, I’m in control. He no longer mesmerizes me.

And Mr. Bigshot Billionaire is about to learn that he can’t have what he wants.


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