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Late Check In by Mia Monroe

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His late awakening plus my years of pining equals one explosive reunion.

Five years ago, he was my history professor. The crush I had on the sophisticated, intellectual man morphed into love. As an older student and teaching assistant, I figured I’d take my shot. I asked him out as soon as the semester was over, only to find out he was married. Oh, and straight.

When he walks into the hotel, just as handsome as ever, the longing I thought was dead comes back hard and fast. I just have to get through his week-long stay, and then I can go back to forgetting he exists.

Until he drops the truth on me. Turns out, he’s not as straight as he thought, and the crush wasn’t one-sided. During his stay, we grow closer, but as the time comes to an end, I have to know, am I more to him than extra credit or is his Late Check In the real thing.

Late Check In is a former professor/student, single dad, small age gap, close proximity, bisexual awakening, quasi second chance romance. It is book 4 in the California Crush series, featuring endless sunny days, long stretches of beach, steamy nights, a colorful cast of characters, and men falling in love like waves crashing in the ocean. Book your vacation and meet the men of Hillcrest Hideaway.

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