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Fighting For Jiena by Dee Stewart

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After a tumultuous year in the Laguna Beach Police Department and an ugly breakup with his girlfriend, Lieutenant David “Hutch” Hutchinson longs for a vacation. When a situation arises in Hawaii, Hutch eagerly volunteers to handle it. However, he delays the trip after an intriguing encounter with lovely artist Jadah Cofield on the boardwalk. Is she the mysterious woman he knows only as J? Is she Special Agent Jiena Cofield undercover? Or are the agent and the artist twins?

Special Agent Jiena Cofield can’t get the hunky guy she knocked over on the beach one night out of her mind, though it isn’t likely she’ll ever meet him again. Besides, pursuing a relationship while working undercover in the Finnicelli crime organization is out of the question. But when her twin, Jadah, meets Hutch on the boardwalk and sets her up on a date with him, Jiena can’t resist the temptation.

When Jadah is kidnapped, Jiena is desperate to find her sister and turns to Hutch for help, ready at last to trust him, but he’s mysteriously disappeared, too. A link Jiena discovers between Hutch and the Finnicelli organization casts suspicion on him, crushing her heart. Now she is determined to wreak vengeance on the man she believes is holding her sister captive in Hawaii.

Say aloha, Lieutenant Hutchinson.

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