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Ronan’s Boy by JJ Harper

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Can Ronan keep his firecracker safe? Or is it better to let his best friend help him?
Ronan is tired of hooking up. Of watching other men at Escape find their forever boys. He wants his own and he knows he’s out there.
Cody will be the perfect boy for the right Daddy, he needs to have the precise Dom-to-Daddy ratio. But he isn’t exactly tripping over men who want more than a night of fun.
So, yeah, needle meet haystack.
Then one night, they were both in the right place at the right time.
Ronan can’t take his eyes off the perfect boy in the silver hot-pants, and tight, cropped T. He knows if he takes this boy home, he’ll never want to let him leave,
Cody knows from the moment their lips touch he will never want another Daddy. Ronan is the man he’s been looking for.
When Ronan introduces Cody to his best friend, Harley, new fantasies set in. Could he share his boy? Would Cody want them both?
Danger threatens Cody and the life he has with Ronan. Maybe having two Daddies is safer?

Ronan’s boy is an age-gap, no age-play gay romance with plenty of hot and steamy Daddy/boy action.
Intended for readers aged eighteen or over.

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