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Lifeline by Alexa Gregory

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Two lost, wandering souls and the chance encounter that could rewrite their future.

After a devastating heartbreak, Denton Bell is looking for a fresh start. Again. He vows to live as a reclusive carpenter on his new property by the Caribou River. Unable to ignore his caretaking and social nature, he joins the volunteer fire crew. His plans of solitude begin to crumble when he meets Maëlle, a local who doesn’t quite fit in.

It’s a rough year for Maëlle Haubois. She’s lost her beloved grandmother and her home. The last thing she needs? A surprise pregnancy. Isolated and shunned because of her past and her family’s history, Maëlle stands alone between her unborn child and her unpredictable ex. But Denton, a newcomer to town – and her landlord – shows her a side of the river she never knew.

Both adrift and searching for a place to belong, Denton and Maëlle lean on each other to recover from their respective heartbreaks. But some wounds can’t be healed by hope and love, especially when the past can’t be easily erased.

This small-town exceedingly slow-burn romance is the third book in the Caribou River series. Though it can be read as a standalone, there are spoilers from the previous books.

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