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Something Good by E.H. Lyon

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Knox Blisswood wasn’t expecting that his biggest enemy would be something so good…

The first time I meet Madison, she has no idea that I’m the owner of the winery that she just called pretentious, so I play along. The second time, she isn’t impressed by my chivalrous act of kindness while I checked out her a— And the third time is the real winner, because Madison mistakes me for my married brother at a parent-teacher meeting. Yep, Madison is my little sister’s new favorite off-limits high school teacher. Not only that, we get thrown together thanks to the high school booster club needing help with an event. My new partner in crime is not a fan of me, and quite frankly, every conversation with her is aggravating. This is why a simple fact confuses me…

We can’t seem to stay away from one another.

First, we argue, then we kiss, and I don’t want it to stop. The more our lives become entwined, the more I realize she may just be what I didn’t know I was waiting for. But this stubborn woman has to take a chance on us, and although her eyes say yes, her words say no. After all, her job is on the line. The challenge doesn’t deter me, though, because I’m beginning to feel that Madison and me? We may just be something good…

This enemies-to-lovers romance is the third standalone book in the small-town Blisswood Brothers series that follows the brothers as they run their family winery and farm, Olive Owl.

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