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Beautifully Damaged by J.A. Owenby

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A secret billionaire and the unbreakable girl he refuses to let go.

Collateral is usually an object. A thing – a car, a

house, or expensive jewelry.

But in my world, that object is me.

My guardian owes a lot of money to his dealer, and now

they’ve come for me.

On the run with no money in my pocket, I have no place

to live until I meet a stranger – sexy, rich, and more intent on saving me than

protecting his fancy car or home.

A billionaire like Holden Alastair doesn’t belong with

a girl from the other side of the tracks. I’m not capable of love or anything

but running until fate intervenes. But with a broken leg and nowhere to go, I’m

forced to accept his help, to live with a man I hardly know. One who has dark


I’m suddenly immersed in a world more dangerous than

the one I left, swept up in Holden’s big heart and hidden life-lies, betrayal,

and threats behind every corner.

Now, I’m on edge, looking over my shoulder, biding my

time to see who comes for me first. I think I’m ready, but nothing could

prepare me for the twisted games that I’m about to play.

Follow River into Holden’s world of money, wealth, and

lies. Beautifully Damaged is a secret billionaire/forced proximity college

romance featuring a dominant, wealthy jock and the feisty heroine who brings

him to his knees.

***This book contains dark and mature content and triggers

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