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Good morning, sir. I am from Great Britain. I don`t know much English. But I have to be perfect in English. Please tell me after learning more about tence what your next step is to progress. Thank you very much, I am very grateful. I want to speak fluent English. But I don`t talk to others. What I do .plz You give solutions Note: In the sentence above, since there is no direct object in the active voice, this is the reason why there can be no subject in its passive voice, because we know that the object in the active voice becomes the subject in the passive voice. In spoken English Guru Practice Sentense, simpal phrase No. 66/100 is “Ye likha huaa tha” translet as “it is written”, but if we say fallow table that it should be “it was written” Hello Sir I am guncha Singh.i bin from lukhnow! Sir Mujhe kuch bhi ni ata tha english me par jab se apka youTube channel dekha h and sare lecture koshish karti hu ki me ache se samajh jaun because I want to do good schooling gave my baby me usko english medium se pdhana chahti hu isliye meud kh padhti hu apki wjhase bhut kuch sikha h.

Thank you, sir? Active Voice के वाक्यों में Subject जो कि क्रिया {Verb/Action} को करता है, उसका स्थान Verb {क्रिया} से पहले आता है और जिस Object पर 1स क्रिया {Verb/Action} का प्रभाव पडता है, वो Verb {क्रिया} के बाद आता है। यानिसबसेपालेक््ननेेनेरियाककरनवाललााा Subject, उसककब屲媸क寢िाा媸औऔकऒा उसकेब屲आखिममेेंं object. {Object + Verb {Action} + Object} The subject performs the action and comes before the action; while the object receives the action and comes after the action. Sir mera naam jitendra kumar hai mujhe ek satz samajh nhi aa raha h aap meri help krenge Sisi hili or hil kr rahe gyi isko english me translate kaise krenge Sar mai aap ka video dekh dekhkar english Sikh raha hu. . . .

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