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I don`t know who will choose Straight Talk`s customer service team, but they need to be fired with all their staff. No one I spoke to is understandable, it cost my friend almost $60 this time, and we didn`t accomplish anything because the lady we spoke to didn`t speak clearly all the time, so we just had to assume that what she said was sure, so far, that I had to wait, Until my SIM card comes in and it loses stuff because I don`t have a phone!!! Anyone should be thankful that she didn`t forgive her name, and she was my friend, not me on the phone. You lose a client as soon as this service expires. Thank you for all your, and I hope someone with a temperament will cross this woman`s path when she calls for help so she can tell her how stupid she looks when she speaks and that she will never have to pick up a phone like I`ve never done before!!! .. I recently joined Verizon`s Smart Talk, as the plans are much cheaper. It seemed to work well, but after about a week, I realized I couldn`t send or receive visual messages or group texts. I called customer service to try to resolve this issue. After about 5 hours on the phone, I can no longer send or receive text messages, no, I have access to the Internet outside of Wi-Fi, they are not able to solve any of my problems and tell me that my SIM card is probably bad and I should go and buy a new one. So instead of replacing my SIM card and taking some responsibility in the service they offer, I have to buy a new SIM and be left to myself to activate it (Smart Talk will no longer have in-store representatives to help create your phone or account or fix problems when they occur) and try to make sure it works.

Needless to say, I`m going back to Verizon, where the service is expensive, but at least it works and there are people who are physically there to help you. I would never recommend anyone to switch to Smart Talk, because if there is a problem, you are totally alone In the kids menu, there is Straight Talk`s unlimited conversation and text plan with 3GB of data. This is ideal for your teen, who is on their phone all the time – even if they should be doing their homework. Straight Talk`s customer service is not so straight talkin`. However, if you want crystal clear streaming quality, high-speed hotspots, and perfect national coverage, you should see a few more traditional plans. If you bought a device directly from Straight Talk and want to unlock it, you need to make sure that you meet the following criteria: The coverage is excellent! I have been for many years and have never had any coverage problems. All new Straight Talk phones are subject to a one-year limited warranty. The company does not offer additional guarantees or insurance, although they may be available through third parties. Customers who want to unlock their Straight Talk phone can do so by calling technical support at 877.430.2355.

Straight Talk customer service is available from 8.m-11:45.m….

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