Bulk Water Supply Agreement

Standard water supply contract between a water association as a major water supplier and a municipality as a retail water distributor to customers. The model contract was developed by the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and the South African Association of Water Utilities (SAAWU) to clarify roles and responsibilities and facilitate the negotiation of fair, equitable and appropriate contracts for the supply of mass water. Pennsylvania – Water Bulk Supply Agreement between Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. and the Borough of Sharpsville for mass water supply. Melbourne, Victoria – Bulk Water Supply Agreement between the Melbourne Water Corporation (MWC) and City West Water (CWW), one of the Utulities for the City of Melbourne, owned by the Government of Victoria. As part of the contract, CWW purchases bulk water from MWC, while MWC supplies, treats and transmits drinking water and disposes of sewers. Below are typical raw water or treatment contracts between supply companies or neighbouring counties as well as other reading materials on the subject. These differ from the BOT and BOD structures for water supply, which can be found under [] Standard Mass Water Supply Contract between a municipality and a water agency. Tracking Number: South Africa_Model Bulk Water Supply Contract_EN.pdf Negotiating Bulk Supplies – a Framework, OFWAT August 2013 The page searched for has either changed its name, has been moved, is temporarily unavailable or no longer exists.

Overseas: +61 3 9679 7100 Translation service: 131 450 Words and hearing: 1300 555 727 Fax: (03) 9679 7099 Other examples of bulk supply agreements are available on the MWC website. For any general inquiries, use our contact form or call us at 131 722 (in Australia). For more information on the subject, see Water supply conventions. . . .

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