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Kitt by Taylor Rylan

Kitt by Taylor Rylan, Taylor Rylan gay romance author, CJC Photography book cover photographer

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Second chances at life and new friendships are sometimes exactly what you need.

Austin “Kitt” Kitteridge knows firsthand that it only took seconds for your life to change. When a ride on a bull that’s never been ridden before goes terribly wrong, Kitt suddenly finds himself retired from the rodeo circuit and left wondering what’s next. He knows he doesn’t want to go back to Texas, and when a phone call from the Carmichael twins offers a new start, he jumps at the chance. Not only are they more than willing to offer him a place to heal, but something new to focus on in life. What he didn’t expect was the gorgeous, blue-eyed cook.

Brendon Sagehorn likes his job working as head cook at a restaurant in Steamboat Springs. But when a new kitchen manager is hired, they don’t see eye to eye and things become stressful. Fortunately, a chance phone call from Gideon Carmichael offers not only better pay and benefits but less stress, so he jumps at the opportunity to become the cook for Broken Arrow Ranch. Even if the guest ranch isn’t up and running yet, his skills are needed because the four retired rodeo cowboys can’t cook. What he doesn’t expect is the cute Texan he longs to make smile. But Kitt is recovering from a badly broken leg and the last thing he’ll want is Brendon’s attention.

Kitt and Brendon are both attracted to each other but with Kitt recovering, the twins being overprotective, and Brendon dealing with parental issues, they settle into a friendship that both seem to need. When flirting starts, all bets are off and Brendon sets out to win the guy with the sexy twang. Will he win his heart?

Kitt is the second book in the Broken Arrow Ranch series. This book has a broken bull rider, a cook that knows how to bake cookies, and a found family that takes care of each other. It is a slow-burn, friends first with a HEA.

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