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Tempt by Evelyn Bloom

Tempt by Evelyn Bloom, Evelyn Bloom author, Dominic Calvani model

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The best path forward isn’t always a straight line.

Ian’s life is going sideways.

A messy breakup with his cheating girlfriend and an attraction to coworker, Will, has him questioning everything – including his sexuality.

Open to discovering the truth, Ian wants to explore his interest in men. More specifically – his interest in Will.

But Ian knows dating a coworker is a bad idea. When Will makes it clear he isn’t looking for a relationship, Ian jumps at the chance to make his biggest fantasy come true.

Too bad his pesky feelings for Will are getting in the way.

Will isn’t interested in being someone’s test subject. Even if that someone is Ian, the star of Will’s secret fantasies.

Been there, done that, has the boot prints on his heart to prove it.

So, why can’t he say no to Ian’s request?

What’s happening between them isn’t supposed to mean anything. So, why are Will and Ian connecting in more ways than one? And why does it feel so right?

Please note that this book contains steamy and explicit scenes and may not be your cup of tea.

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