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Author Spotlight: Mia Monroe

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CJC: How did you get started as an author and what made you want to pursue that field?

MM: To some extent, I’ve always been a storyteller. I tried a bit of authoring many moons ago, then gave up. It wasn’t until self-publishing opened doors that would have been typically closed that I went all in. I wrote MF for many years, but in 2018 I was bit by the Gay romance bug. I wanted to be part of creating happy stories for LGBTQ+ readers and allies. I read a bunch of books and learned all I could from friends and other authors in the genre, then waded in summer 2019. Best decision ever.

As far as why I pursued it, I did it just to shut the voices up in my head. It didn’t work. They keep talking. I keep writing.

CJC: What do you find to be the most rewarding and challenging part of being an author and what hurdles have you overcome while striving towards your goals?

MM: The most rewarding part, bar none, is when your words touch a reader. In some cases, books can make people feel seen. It’s wonderful to be part of that. The challenging part is probably staying abreast of the ever-changing market trends and adjusting to fit them. The biggest hurdle I’ve overcome is not getting caught up in what others are doing or what people say I “should” be doing. I’ve had to learn to rely on my own voice and instincts, while also recognizing that I’m running my own marathon, not anyone else’s. It can be so hard not to compare yourself to others, but it’s not happy making. I spent a chunk of 2020 really leaning into my voice and how I tell stories. I won’t be for every reader, but I will be for some, and there are other authors out there filling the spots I can’t fill.

CJC: Which novel has been your favorite to write and why?

MM: Oh, tough one. I would have to say that it’s a tie between Fix Me and my latest, Dirty Forty. Fix Me because I challenged myself to write a trope I hadn’t before and I had a blast. Dirty Forty because it features guys who are older, established, and I just love the idea that you can find love in a person you never expected if you just open yourself to the possibility.

CJC: For first time readers of your work, which book would you recommend?

MM: Dirty Forty or Marry Me. Both are best friends to lovers, low angst, and represent my favorite trope to write.

CJC: If one of your books were made into a movie, which would you select and who would you like to star in it?

MM: These are good questions! I think Dirty Forty would make a great movie, fun and sexy, almost rom-com in parts thanks to hilarious friends and meddling family. As for who would star, I think the bearded version of Zac Efron (Hello, Daddy) could play Zach. As for Dominic… maybe the book’s cover model would work ha! I just realized both people I picked mirror the character names in the book.

CJC: For those looking to become an author, what advice would you give them?

MM: Depends on what their goals are. If you want to write, then just write. If you want to make a career of it, study your craft, then study the market for your genre. Learn the tropes, read the popular books in your genre, lurk in recommended groups. After you’ve done that, figure out where you fit. What is your lane, your brand, your flavor- then go forth and publish.

CJC: If you could co-write a book with any author, who would it be and why?

MM: K.M.Neuhold. We have similar styles in terms of heat, character development, and pacing. I think it would be a blast and we would make something truly magical.

CJC: Favorite motto?

MM: Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Runner up: Love is love

CJC: What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

MM: Luckily, I don’t really have that problem, but I do have an alpha reader who reads as I write, so if I find a sticky plot point, that person is there to talk it through.

CJC: In one word, how would you describe your writing style?

MM: Engaging.

CJC: Which do you find harder to do… writing the blurb for your story or selecting the cover?

MM: Cover- hands down. To me it’s the first impression the reader will get. You have to hook them before they will read the blurb. It’s a ton of pressure! PS- book titles are even harder haha.

CJC: Which author inspires you the most and why?

MM: I’m inspired in different ways by different people. I would like to have the longevity of Nr Walker, the grace and generosity of knowledge of Lucy Lennox, and the open friendliness of K.M.Neuhold. I have many idols in terms of writing style, some of whom are Neve Wilder and Jay Northcote. I won’t pick one though. I don’t like playing favorites in public. *winks.

CJC: What is your writing process like?

MM: It’s simple. I sit down, turn on music, and I write. I write all the time, whenever I’m not doing something else. I still work a day job, so I write in the morning before work and for a few hours after work. All day on the weekends. It’s how I manage to produce so quickly. I’m a total panster so the story just comes to me as I write, although I do have a rough idea in my head where it’s going.

CJC: What new projects are you currently working on and what are your goals for the remainder of the year?

MM: I just finished writing my May release so I’ll be taking a break for a week or two before starting the next one. I release every month, so I’m pretty much always writing. The rest of the year my goals are to grow my readership by writing addictive books!

CJC: Any final thoughts you would like to share with the CJC Photography readers?

MM: Thanks for the opportunity to share my work with you. I wish everyone peace, love, and books.

Thank you so much Mia for featuring Dominic and I on Dirty Forty. Copies are now available for purchase here!

Stay up to date with all of Mia’s latest releases here!

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